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Summa Theologiae

We are now witnessing in the United States a revival of orthodox Catholic theological education, rooted specifically in the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Before the Aquinas Institute, there did not yet exist an affordable, high-quality edition of St. Thomas’ greatest systematic work of dogmatic and moral theology, the Summa Theologiae.

It is difficult and expensive to acquire an edition in the original Latin —the Church’s mother tongue — and for many who are just learning the ancient language, there has never been an adequate and convenient bilingual edition of the Summa.

The Aquinas Institute is therefore proud to announce the publication of the Summa Theologiae in an easily accessible bilingual format. Based on the translation of the Fathers of the English Dominican Province, we now offer a complete 8 volume set of the Summa while additional volumes of the Supplementum are available separately.

Did you know?

Aquinas wrote most of the Summa while teaching in Paris.